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Hi guys!I'm from Romania!....But they know how to speak English!Bye-bye~
Oh..almost forgot....my name is Daiana
Peace&Love(by Ashley)

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amedeo 16 January 2011  
CW DAI DO ???????????????
RealDestinyMileyRayCyrus 4 December 2010  
heloo!!it's mile'zzzzz
JustinDrewBieberForFans 22 November 2010  
hi! thanks for ur com! it really made my day<3 its nice to know that someone belives you:xthanks ya! :D
ILoveDylanAndCole 23 November 2010  
no problem....>:D<
JustinDrewBieberForFans 24 November 2010  
<3 did ever somebody told u that u're really nice:D?
Love&Kiss 19 November 2010  
ILoveDylanAndCole 19 November 2010  
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